Thursday, October 27, 2011

26 week appointment

Today marks 26 weeks and 2 days. Baby Bee seems to be growing like a weed. My tummy seems as big as it was when I delivered Ari!!! However at my appointment today nurse Cathy assured me that it was growing right on track and it measured 26 cm. Speaking of nurse Cathy she is my favorite in the practice, I wish she was an OB and could deliver Bee. I told her about the uncomfortable feeling I get in my belly almost every night. She explained that it is likely my uterus just being tired from the day. She gave me some tips to try to ease it, but also spoke to the fact that it can be concerning. I'm to relax if my belly feels hard and if there is any pattern to the discomfort to call or go in to the hospital right away. This makes me feel a lot better than having a doctor just say oh you're fine, just pregnant. My worries are real and she understands how to calm them. :)

The 26 week appointment consisted of weight check in, I'm up about 12-13 pounds now, which is pretty average. A doppler listen to Bee's heartbeat, which sounds like music. ;) And the wonderful glucose test, to check for gestational diabetes. They also took blood to check my iron levels again. Most of the staff at the office is really awesome. There is one nurse that knows Ari by name and calls him her favorite chunk. :P Next appointment is at 30 weeks, which is right around Thanksgiving and our wedding!

We are continuing the P17 shots weekly until 35-36 weeks. Nate is giving them to me at home and they are going just fine. Some weeks I get scared that it's going to hurt really bad. It never does, just gets itchy.

In Ari news, he is walking all over the place! All the sudden last week he wanted nothing to do with crawling any more. Last night he was making laps around the house exploring and trying to distract me so he could get into stuff he isn't supposed to (ie the stairs, the cat food, trash cans). He also seems to pick up a new word every few days now. Yet still no mama. PHOOY! His favorite word right now is duck. So I am making him a duck costume for Halloween. I'll post pictures later tonight or tomorrow when I finish it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

25 - viability

Today we are 25 weeks along. 24 weeks marks the point of viability in a developing fetus. This is the point at which a baby can survive outside the womb! While Bee needs to stay put for 15 more weeks, I am very excited to be at this point in the pregnancy! :) P17 shots are going just fine (8 down, 10 to go). At this point I am up about 9 pounds from pre pregnancy weight, which is close, yet a bit under were I was at this point with Ari. However my belly feels HUGE! I can't find a work shirt that fits and apparently they don't make solid color collared maternity shits! Go figure. My energy level has been pretty good the past few weeks considering all that's going on. (For those that don't know I've opened and am managing my own Toys R Us for the holidays, Nate & I are getting married at the end of November, Ari turned 1 and is now walking & talking. So needless to say not much spare time to kick back and relax.) I have been eating eating eating! Geez this little boy in my belly seems to love meat and chocolate (two things I typically don't ever eat.)! I've been sleeping better lately, as my nightmares seem to be at a minimum these days. However I'm having the typical 2 am - 4 am pregnant runs to the restroom and pretty bad calf pains at night. Ari still wakes up once or twice a night, so I'm getting on average 5-7 hours of sleep. humm I think that is about it for this update. I'll come back this week with some pictures from Ari's birthday celebrations.