Tuesday, August 30, 2011

17 Alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (17P)

So last Thursday I started my weekly injections. I will get one every week for the next 17 weeks, or until Baby Bee is born. The injection is given in the butt and from what I've heard can be very painful since the medication is thick. It didn't bother me at all going in or for the 3 hours following. After that it was sore for many 30 minutes and that was that. No side effects as of yet, so lets hope it stays that way. :)

My appetite has been HUGE the last few days! Bee must be having a growth spurt. I'm pretty certain that I will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by my next appointment, which is in 2 weeks. :P

18 weeks down... 22 to go!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

16 weeks...

16 week appointment was next to pointless. Got weighed (still down 5 pounds to pre-pregnancy), tried to pee in a cup, got my BP taken (120/68), listened to the baby's heartbeat for all of two seconds (didn't even tell us the rate), and talked about the 17P shots that I should have started that day. Apparently the OBs office didn't have everything set up with the pharmacy yet. So I'm waiting for the pharmacy to call to get my info, then call the DR office back, fill the Rx, send it to the office, and then wait for the office to call me back to set up ANOTHER appointment to get the darn shot. And after all that they said that Nate has to watch them give me the shot a number of times before they will allow us to do them at home. So that means we will likely have an appointment EVERY week for the next 5 weeks or so! BOO!

Nausea is nearly totally gone the past 2 weeks or so. :) I have also had more energy, so wahoo for the 2nd trimester! Scary to think this week marks the half way point in my pregnancy with Ari.

16 weeks down... 24 to go!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here is what's been going on...

At 13 weeks 2 days we elected to get a First Trimester screening, also know as NT test. This test is a combination blood test and ultrasound that can alert the doctors to genetic abnormalities, such as down syndrome and other more severe Trisomies. This is an elective test offered to all pregnant couples. Nate and I decided that we would have the test, even though at my age, 27, my risk for carrying a baby with DS was only 1 in 840. When I was called with the results I was informed that the ultrasound tech was unable to find the fetal nasal bone, an indicator of DS. Thus baby's screened positive for down syndrome, making the chances 1 in 300 that Bee had DS. This finding put us in the "at risk" category for the abnormality. Now this screening only gives you the possible risk ratio, it's not anything definitive. So with that we were offered further testing, ei an amniocentesis, which we decided to proceed with. However the amnio has to be done between 16 and 18 weeks gestation. So we waited 3 weeks....

Today was the day we had scheduled the amnio. For those that don't know this proceedure involves putting a needle through the abdominal wall, uterus (womb) and into the amniotic fluid. Doing this can cause the baby to be miscarried, so this was NOT an easy decision to make. Before the needle is inserted they do a very detailed ultrasound to look for other abnormalities, check fluid levels, and the position of the baby. Bee did great during the ultrasound... showing off the four chambers of it's heart, wiggling around, and measuring perfectly! -This picture is kind of weird, but imagine looking at baby from an ariel view, head is the round part to the left, right arm across it's body...-

So after the tech and student took an hour long look at Baby Bee they sent the high risk doctor in with the report. He had reviewed the first ultrasound (from 13 weeks) and the images from today (however we were unable to get a shot of the nasal bone) and determined that the tech that did the NT screen had pressed an incorrect button!!! That in fact she had seen the nasal bone, but the button she accidentally pressed indicated NO nasal bone! He said that he'd be back shortly with a new calculated risk, which turns out to be 1 in 10,000!!! The DR offered to still do the amnio, which we promptly declined, haha. My goodness how much stress a little mistake can make. He offered a follow up ultrasound just to double check all the features when baby is a little bigger, so we will be doing that on September 22nd. -Baby sending a message to you all.-

So that's that.. Baby Bee is looking perfect and HE has a very low risk for serious abnormalities!!! :)