Monday, October 17, 2011

25 - viability

Today we are 25 weeks along. 24 weeks marks the point of viability in a developing fetus. This is the point at which a baby can survive outside the womb! While Bee needs to stay put for 15 more weeks, I am very excited to be at this point in the pregnancy! :) P17 shots are going just fine (8 down, 10 to go). At this point I am up about 9 pounds from pre pregnancy weight, which is close, yet a bit under were I was at this point with Ari. However my belly feels HUGE! I can't find a work shirt that fits and apparently they don't make solid color collared maternity shits! Go figure. My energy level has been pretty good the past few weeks considering all that's going on. (For those that don't know I've opened and am managing my own Toys R Us for the holidays, Nate & I are getting married at the end of November, Ari turned 1 and is now walking & talking. So needless to say not much spare time to kick back and relax.) I have been eating eating eating! Geez this little boy in my belly seems to love meat and chocolate (two things I typically don't ever eat.)! I've been sleeping better lately, as my nightmares seem to be at a minimum these days. However I'm having the typical 2 am - 4 am pregnant runs to the restroom and pretty bad calf pains at night. Ari still wakes up once or twice a night, so I'm getting on average 5-7 hours of sleep. humm I think that is about it for this update. I'll come back this week with some pictures from Ari's birthday celebrations.


  1. Try eating a banana every day and drinking lots of water for the calf pains. Though the water won't help with the midnight bathroom runs :)

  2. I've been drinking as much water as I can and just bought a bunch of bananas. Thanks for the advice, hopefully it works. :)