Sunday, November 13, 2011

28 weeks and 6 days

Pregnancy wise things are going great. My tummy is getting huge and the weeks are just ticking away. Baby Bee is super strong, kicking, stretching and rolling all the time! :) My 30 week appointment is a week from Monday.
...11 weeks and 1 day to go...

As far as other things go last week was a stressful one...
For those that don't know I'll give you the shortened recap of the week. Friday the 4th Ari went to get his 12 month vaccines. He got four shots, theses shots typically make kids a bit tired and sometimes they run a little fever. Ari was a bit tired on Friday then spiked a high fever on Saturday afternoon that caused him to have a Febrile seizure. It lasted 6-7 minutes, and those have been the scariest minutes thus far in my life. He was rushed to Children's Hospital via ambulance with Nate & I in tow. Once there they run tests and decided that it was likely just a one time thing due to the spike in fever from the vaccines. They warned us that he would be tired for a few days and really not himself. Boy where they right. Our normally rambunctious 13 month old slept and slept and cuddled and played for a couple minutes than would cry and want to be held, for a number of days. Monday we took him to check in with the DR after the ER visit, things seemed to be on the mend even though he was still running a pretty decent fever. Tuesday he had a cough and a rash developed, so back to the DR and back to the hospital for more tests. It turned out that on top of the vaccines, fever and seizure that he also caught enterovirus. Enterovirous is a bacterial infection that children get because their bodies haven't learned to fight it off yet. So he was prescribed an antibiotic to clear it up. By Friday he was back up on his feet trying to run and play, yet still a little held back by discomfort. I would say that today is the first day back at 100%!!! Our bright eyed boy went through a lot in the past few days but was amazing during it all. It is so great to have him laughing and talking again, even if it's at 3 in the morning. :P

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