Saturday, December 03, 2011

31 weeks 3 days *trip to the hospital*

Friday (12/2) evening at work I suddenly got dizzy and had spotted vision. I sat down as soon as I could to drink water and relax. When I stood up 10 minutes later my left foot, arm and cheek went numb. So I quickly called the Dr and Nate. 45 minutes later we were at the hospital. When we arrived my heartrate was a bit elevated and I had a slight headache. They think I had an atypical migraine. They sent me for an mri and blood work to rule out stroke and other brain issues. They said my brain looks beautiful. As of now neurologically everything looks fine.

However they hooked me up to fetal and contraction monitors and it turns out I'm sporadically contracting. With an exam they determined I'm about 2.5 cm dilated. Which isn't super concerning in itself. With my Ari having been born at 32 weeks baby bee is at risk of coming early. They gave me an injection of steroids to help with lung maturity in the event the contractions get worse and I go into labor. We spent that night and Saturday on the maternity floor for further monitoring.

It is now 7:30 Saturday evening and I'm still here in labor room 11. We are waiting on the second round of steroid shots that should come in about 2 hours. Today has been pretty uneventful, which is good when you find out that you are dilated and contracting at 31.5 weeks pregnant. The OB will come in tomorrow and we will talk about options for the rest of the pregnancy. There has been lots of talk about bedrest. However if anything picks up tonight it looks like we will be here until the baby is born.

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